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why Taguchi, why?
As you can see, it's been years since my last entry. feeling a little awkward as it's been a while penning down a proper blog entry.
I've seen reports, a blog entry of a fangirl... i've decided to play my part as a proper fangirl this time too.
I always wanted to live for the moment, i want to remember this moment of time whereby I'm feeling this down and sad over a group whom I've chased for years. This is definitely as much as i wanted to remember when i was in Taipei 2010.

KATTUN, why? why has it got to be changes in this group again?

I turned into an official fan at the age of 18. I was always watching shounen club back when I was 15... got attracted by this annoying group that was always singing Kinki's song (was a Kinki fan back then). But never once drifted attention from others..
It was until this drama Yukan Club, this song Keep the faith.. that totally got me hooked up.

Started going online into clubbox sites, downloading every single (yes every single) video of you guys, every ep of drama, every variety which you guys attended... all concerts and performance of you guys in Shounen Club, collecting them (until today). I recall complete watching them within 3 months, yes every single one from the moment you guys were known as Kattun back in junior days.
I saw the happy faces... dumb and stupid childish things that the 6 of you did...
somehow, the memory is still fresh and clear in my head after so many years.

Immersed in this fandom all alone as there was no one else around me that was into you guys. Went for some part time job and met a couple of fans who were into you. We got close, some left the fandom... some lost close contact... took up dancing class together, doing stupid things like singing KATTUN music at karaoke place... me mimicking each and everyone of you on stage.

i couldn't understand it when Jin left, you guys happily accepted him when he came back. The group seemed so complete after he came back, it was as good as the good old days when you guys just debut...

Then... someone decided to go solo.
it turned 5, the feeling was weird... but the spirit to fight was strong.
The songs no longer sounded like music, it sounded like fighting spirit.

And, the peak went bersek in 2010...
when you guys held Asia tour. That was the year I came back to SG from a study trip, I got my first job. It was the right time, with comfortable earning power to splurge on you guys just to see you up close on stage. It was my first ever Johnny's concert.
It was a wonderful and lifetime experience, that i know i will never feel and ever go through ever again. During the concert, i screamed, cried, and got really happy.

Then, life went on. Change of job, change of mindset.
Of course, my love for you guys was still there. But.... i look the advantage and drifted to other groups while going back to you guys whenever there was an official media updates.
I felt the change in music style, i couldn't accept it... and so did my friends. this was the time when most fans left and drifted to other groups.

somehow, I continue to feel committed. I felt the love and joy you guys gave and spreaded to the fans back in my teens. The feeling is indescribable - I have never ever had such feelings before.

2013. A news broke out that someone was told to leave the group and company.
for a dumb and insensible perverted act - It was something which i couldn't accept. Coming from someone who is always saying, kizuna.. we are all friends with our fans. The one that agreed to go back to Taipei arena in 2011, but the group never made it back.
I felt annoyed, and extremely sad. I thought about the time when I attended 2010 concert, that moment was precious. You were standing right in front of me... waving at me, and yes with the looks of a long lost friend.
but, i'm sorry. You did something which made the group lose another member again... and not something sensible.

I just couldn't take it. you left.... the group was lost. the remaining 4 was lost, the rap spirit was gone.
What was going to happen to KT? i cried for countless nights, had chats with friends and continued crying.

I regretted drifting.
That was the time when, i decided no. i will continue to support KT consistently within my means and to fly to see you at least once or every alternate years. My love for the group grew.
made a pact with a friend to attend the following year's countdown concert.

in 2014, there was not much hurdle and we managed to get tickets for both countdown 2014-2015 tickets. Got really good seats for the last show. It was a moment to remember.
That was the first time attending a Johnny's countdown concert.
We enjoyed it, and felt that the group can definitely make it with just 4.
The spirit within the group is not as strong as the past, but.... they looked good on stage and seemed to cultivate a new bond.
We left Kyocera Dome, and agreed to attend the next 10th anniversary concert together in 2 years time... plus an Asia tour if there is.

i knew my goals. I worked hard in office.
the thought of attending my 1st Johnny's 10th anniversary concert excites me and with that no matter how tough work was, i always picked myself up as I knew there was a group who is doing their very best to bring smiles and entertainment to us.

but, on 24th Nov 2015.
A day before my 27th birthday.
I received a terrible news from a friend that another one was leaving...
This time, it was officially announced by him on a live broadcast. I got scared, part of me was thinking this has to be a joke.
How can this happen to the least expected?! he was the main person who was bringing smiles to everyone....
i went thru IG, twitter, Weibo, FB. sites... then found videos.
when he mentioned, i will be leaving KT (heee?! from fans), leaving Johnnys (HEEEEE?! from fans). the second one came as though it was an extreme sad thunderous screams and cries from the audience.
It was a terrible news. Tears just kept rolling down, i didn't know what to say or how to react.

i know you have your reasons, i know you are no longer staying on your own. I know you have been living with her, and her mum for the past few years. I know she is older than you, she is understanding and keeping a low profile yes... and i do know that you love her more than anything else...

but, i can't bear to see this group going through the same pain... for the 3rd time.
This is heartbreaking.

then i thought about 2010 and 2015 concert, you were smiling all the time in front of camera and fans. That smile never changed one bit. You were the only member that never changed on screen.
Your long legs and hands in 2010 shocked and attracted me. I wasn't holding your uchiwa, but was screaming for you. You turned and smiled brightly at me. I saw that exact same smile in 2015 Dome.
You never changed on stage, but the truth is... How were you coping backstage with someone whom you want to protect but never got a chance to do it upfront?

I'm happy that you left to pursue for what you want.
thank you for being a part of Kattun and making each and every one of us smile.
thank you for being responsible by announcing it LIVE to all fans, please make it a happy ending and have a proper closing event with fans.
I will do my best to fly and watch you for a last time as a member of Kattun.

and now I want wish you all the best in your next working opportunities and happiness in your personal life, please continue to bring smile to everyone around you.

for the remaining 3, things will get tougher. More expected changes to come.
But the existence of KT (whether six or three), will never change in my eyes.
Ganbatte, matta konno nihon de aimashou.

Hey say jump Taiwan 2012 concert tickets for sale!

Hi Everyone,

I have hey say jump 2012 Taiwan show 4th aug 1400hrs and 1900hrs show for sale.

Do pm me if any interest, thanks!

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First day at work after a looooong break

I don't like looking into things which I haven't made mistakes yet im the one settling them.
But, others had helped me so much during my absence.
Ok, let's not dwell or whatever.

Thank you for all the help during my 3 weeks of leave.

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Back to work tomorrow

The thought of it is annoying.
Im going back to OT days from tmr onwards. ): how depressing. Oh wells...

I'm going to continue my goal! To save up money. Spending a little too much these days. It is extremely unhealthy.

GSS is here. But, I shall only buy what I need. *smiles*

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chicken pox, pls don't come back anymore. :(
I guess it has been 2 years since I had an entry here. :) 

Not much of penning my thoughts, but just an entry to show that I'm still checking my Livejournal on a frequent basis. (perhaps at least once a week?) 

2 weeks of leave. LOL or perhaps even more than that! 
why? cos I'm having chicken pox; it is healing though. 
but still, please don't come back. I've ever heard that there are some people who got them twice! 

exam in 2wks time =s
been blogging at blogger instead of lj recently.
went for tour with deirdre yesterday. she's very nice! (:
must meet up with her more freq!
hahaha! she said i look smart, but have fierce look.
don't worry, i'm not a fierce person! ^^

sadded! din go for SMA day. final year but the rest were not interested in going.
few plan for night life, char and hazel had activities.
But come on man, it starts at 6pm. with 6hr interval after lesson ended, i don't think many will have to mood to go ne.

glad i accompanied deirdre. had a great time talking to her. but kinda reminded myself of how suay i was previously. hahaha! we have common likes! YESH! found another ling feng lover and jin/pi's friend disliker! (so lingo term hah! =x) woo hoo.
pic pic. hahaha! i think that guy in our grp is cute man. eye candy with a cute pronounciation of raffles place. =D

mmhz sch these days been super slack. always end early, long break.
but, long break means out of sch for lunch.
hole in pocket was covered few days back, but the hole is growing slightly these days.
pull and bear is tempting me, i tried to tempt deirdre in yesterday.
but i FAILED!! hahaha!~

exam in 2-3wks time. (: but i managed to de-stress after yesterday's tour.

watched: wu di till ep 5, 24hr tv completing(1more left), shkd left this wk, ctkt 3more, speed's performance
team batisa might give up. had enough of stories like tomorrow.

(no subject)
Hi everyone,

I'm putting up Arashi's kiroi namida photo book for sale. Item is in 10/10 condition just that I had opened it. I only browsed the photobook twice. Price: 40SGD or 30USD. Price is negotiable. The photobook will be sent from Singapore. Therefore, postage prices are not confirm depending on buyer's location.

2 photos taken, as you can see the plastic of it is unwrapped. I just cut the slide of the plastic. ^^ item is in mint condition.


Feel free to drop my a msg for any queries. Thanks! (: overseas buyer are welcome!

Sorry if this post is not allowed.

holiday? or study week?
still feeling very KT - due to HELL, NO (:

sho injured his right thumb! heard arashi took pics of his injured hand cause this is his first time in his life breaking a bone =.=|||

xinni's in jpn. and it just suddenly occurred to me that i wanted a electronic dictionary only after doreen came back! she got back with me today, transfered her some cash so she could pay for the dictionary. she's buying it today! (: hope she manage to get it~ bet it will be useful for my studies and when watchin drama/varieties! the day for me to understand drama w/o subs is near! (i guess =x)

did brainstorming notes on way for class on sunday. *thumbs up* and some revision this morning on bunkering~ (: managed to write some notes. the marine fuel oil, marine diesel oil portion was 面倒くさい. but i managed to write everything in that portion. understood! but still need to read again before actual paper on 24jun! ^^ (nakamaru, pray for me!! ^^) *double no is triple thumbs up! (:

dream Alive and summer time dvd. hazel passed it to me last wed. yet to watch/listen. will listen when studying~ (: you know how happy was i when i saw the hk limited ed at yesasia?! D: i was typically going mad. -i'm waiting for the day queen of pirates hk limited ed to be available at yesasia. i bet i'll also go mad. (oh yah! all this yesasia is remind myself that i actually ordered ai ai kasa limited ed too! 後10日な? (:

Click to enlarge.
both my fave ☺
super cute can! koyama with that ’嫌㋧’顔! and yuiichi taking out the pic ~ 小山ジャニズにはぃたの時~

Click to enlarge.
Click to enlarge.
cuts of tegoshi practicing in itteq

Click to enlarge.
Click to enlarge.
he just wanted to show viewers that he could ice skate well with the board! O.O

Click to enlarge.
he was disappointed of his performance~

CTKT's latest ep seems interesting in last wk's preview! (:

nakamuru's waseda university news report
KAT-TUN Nakamaru entered to Waseda University: "I want to learn about the environmental problem."

On 11 (*May), it was found that this spring, Yuichi NAKAMARU(24), the member of the popular group 'KAT-TUN', entered to Waseda University, the School of Human Sciences, the Department of Human Behavior and Environmental Science(correspondence study course).
After his graduation of high school, with overcoming the about 6 years blank from schools, he won the exam with the magnification of 2.55.
He declared to stay stoic that "I won't join in neither gokon(a party with several boys and girls to encounter their new boy/girlfriend) nor club activity", and promised to manage to do both his entertainment work and study saying "my job is my first priority. I absolutely want to graduate even if I need 8 years(*limit of college register)".

On April 1, at the entrance ceremony(*from 11:45) at Toyama Campus Memorial Hall(* no.37) in Waseda University in Tokyo.
Among freshmen for 3 faculties including Human Sciences, there was Nakamaru.
"I was about the third raw from the front, and those around me thought that why I was there(LAUGH)".

In December 2006, he decided to apply for the entrance examination as "I want to learn more about the environmental problem" which he had been interested through reading books since before.
After about 1 years, he was succeed in the general entrance examination consists of the selection by the documents and interview, and he had a new spring as a 24 years old student of Waseda.

He joined in Johnny's and Associates when he was at the 3rd grade in his junior high school, and when he graduated a public high school managed by Tokyo in 2002 "I wanted to concentrate on only my job".
As he wished his more grow up as a human, since 2005 he intended to go to college.
He debuted by releasing CD in March 2006, and to manage his study with his busy work, he chose the correspondence course of Waseda University since its classes can be taken by the internet at 24 hours of anytime he wants.

He was anxious about his about 6 years blank of study since his graduation of his high school, but "as there was lots of old students on the faculty introduction movies, I thought age isn't a problem when to study".
On his application form about his reason to study there, he wrote 4000 letters(Japanese papers don't count by the words) with passion such as about his experience as a host of NTV broadcasting network '24 hours TV', and he went to the school about how to take the interview.

He resolved that that was his first and last challenge to have an entrance examination, and at the moment when he saw the announce of his success on the website on December 20 in the last year, he jumped up.
He reported it to the members of KAT-TUN whom he kept it secret from, and he was given a rough celebration "You, is it true?".

After his entrance, he wakes up about 6 in the morning.
Before and after his work at his home he is in front of the computer for about 3 hours per a day.
He brings his textbooks even at the working place and for English which he has the most difficulty, Jin AKANISHI(23), who has an experience to study in the United States in his group, is his 'temporary teacher'.
He has been studying only for 1 month, but his double works is "I have a sense of fulfillment".

As it is possible to graduate without taking classes at the actual campus, "I won't meet the other students", and he is passive for the class activities and gokon.
"My first priority is my job" and his group will release the newest song 'DON'T YOU EVER STOP'.
from June 21 he will go to the nation wide concert tour.
"If possible by 4 years, but I want to graduate even if I will need 8 years. My next visit to my campus will be at the graduation ceremony".

◆Senior Tegoshi?!
At the School of Human Sciences in Waseda University, Yuya TEGOSHI(20) in NEWS is his senior(3rd year of the Department of Human Informatics and Cognitive Sciences). (* he is in the different department)
Nakamaru couldn't ask him for advise as he was ashamed, "I want to ask him for advise about the student life, but as he is younger than I, it's hard for me. I don't want him to call as 'Tegoshi-senpai(senior)'(LAUGH)".

◆TANAKA left from his university
It was also found that Koki TANAKA(22) in KAT-TUN has left from Josai International University(3rd year) in last March.
According to the one who is concerned, "it seems that as he had his debut and entrance at the same time, he couldn't go to its campus in Kujukuri area(Togane-shi, Chiba prefecture) that he gave up".
(*From Tokyo station, 41 minutes by the rapid train, 20 minutes by the local train, 13 minutes by another local train, then 5 minutes by walk. 79minutes and some more minutes for transfer in total.)

new drama updates
aft exam's
-preparation of wedding
-back to SC work
-mon, wed, fri back to v.ships

which is what i'm currently occupied with. mon, wed, fri (v.ships) sat, morning on sun (SC) afternoon on sun lesson(IP)
no break, no rest except for tue and thurs. smt i really wonder, working like you know.. no day no night. what i get? @#$%&
alright, just keep on with this till end of april comes!

+honey and clover 10分 (cause of indian curry, u went round like mad ppl=.= toma and hiroki! pls come SG there're tons of it everywhr here!)
+薔薇ないの花や 1 (typical j-drama, but worth watching)
+エディソンの母 2 (the boy is super cute by asking weird qns! that intaking of gas was really funny. i kept saying OH MY GOD, OS: THE KIDS'RE DYING ANY MOMENT! )
+未来こし 2 (super unreality drama. even more 'drama' than fugo keiji)
+びんぼ男子 2 (borrow money to lend your friends cause of friendship! get real =.=)

new ones, din clear old ones. LOL and i saw at youtube. FLH went waratte with yuya as guest! in japan! and that was when i realised i had tons of dvdr with i burn but yet to watch!! my princess also stuck at ep 6! =x

sad to say, haruma only acted 5min in each ep of binbo danshi! >.<>

17さいだよ!! 若い!!
皆さん、恋空 (映画)ぜったいみます!
Click to enlarge.

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Click to enlarge.
somehow, i still find the white jap jap hair is nice. and suits him!
looking at HSJ and him, i feel SUPER OLD!!

LOL every1 saying my hair colour is dropping. i feel that its better this way, more natural!! =)

今年のジャニズカウントダウンラブの歌は全部歌いできます! ^^

二人と二人 私のアイドル!


ゆいいちとこきのpikanchi rap は最高!

ま~ ~ 希望はいい結果ですよ

プロジェットはまたできない =X

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Click to enlarge.
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conclusion for yr 2007
coming to an end of 2007, start of 2008. been kinda fruitful yr for me. i met many many many new ppl, gain experiences, see things in different manner. and admit, i've changed. ain't sure if its good or bad, but i do notice myself though! =)

i started yr 2007 unhappily cause of ITP straight aft the end of my poly yr 1 life; which changed many stuffs.

work experience:
-ITP (mon-fri)
-SSC; weekends
basically, working 7days a week is dreadful. i waited for the 6mths to end quickly. somehow, i really miss those days. i din have to worry over exams or projects deadline. learning to face ... mmhz i shoud say interesting customers and meeting ppl of all positions been a really great experiences for me

cause i started working, so more income. which meant, good.. i can do smt which i won't let my brain go dead after the 6mths of attachment. the first thing which crossed my mind was japanese class. been wanting to take since pri 6. ( took me 8yrs to finally go for classes; and im glad to say.. i've been paying every cent on my own till now! )

i met huiying. she's the fastest friend i clicked with within 3hrs! we chatted like mad, had many stuffs in common. later on, i couldn't continue lesson 11 onwards with her cause of SSC. but din like the other class, so decided to switch back to sunday class. that was when i mit zihui, that mad / funny girl. (and i can never forget the, PIG thingy whenever we talk over the phone)

from then, it was no longer teacher-student with hitomi sensei and chiaki sensei. it was teacher cum friends r/s. 3 kodomo tachi, and 2 really nice and interesting sensei!

cause of japanese classes/ITP, somehow got close with that mad girl who leaves crazy msg in my taggie. HAHAHA! chat like mad over msn in office, cos of her. i laugh at whatever i typed, spoke in some weird manner... ... i bet she's no longer afraid of me. i'm a human too okay! LOL, and due to that.. managed to do the undo-able! thats contacting xinni. she's really hard to contact CAN! sms/call hp, NVR ON! i wonder which person in this century seldom on phone as she does! =.=''' and i don wanna call ur home and hear her maid saying XINNI TIDO TIDO, den the line went. dooo dooo dooo.. =.=

this 'working' 7days/week went on for mths. had holidays, eventually.. back to sch now.. turning yr 3. and i still feel like a freshman in SP! when the gang of us hardly know anything about SP. wahaha, i bet we're the most un-like SP students. anyway, don't know if you guys are reading. just feel really drifted after ITP. don't know why, just this stupid feeling in me. i hope its just some wrong feelings in me. yr 3's coming, lets move on together. *.* you know i'm seriously dreading it to come.

in 2007, i : (the normal/ =)
-took up jappie lessons
-blogged in jappie
-went natsu matsuri
-found my old love!!
-met new loves!! ^.^
-met new ppl/colleagues
-met up with old friends
-saw xiao zhu twice
-saw evan
-saw flh

-k chan news

the 残念: =(
-never ending wonderful story
-時間が速いです @@

last photo upload for the yr 2007
Click to enlarge.
Click to enlarge.
Click to enlarge.
Click to enlarge.


オレンギのかみはライヨンですか? =(

i LOVE boys paper!

im lazy to update my blog skin. been like that for more than 1yr. walala~~

-completed abarenbo mama
-completed otoko no kodate
-haunted samurai
-itteq special (last special)

abarenbo mama - a young lady,ayu in early twenties that married a early 30 man. lived happily till they found out that the man was divorced with a 6yr old boy. the boy come into the couple's newly wed lifes, which turned ayu's life into a mother (whom wasn't prepared at all) but she still held on her crunches and learn to teach the boy (yuki) about being a well-mannered boy! the ending is really touchy!! ^.^ he left them for his mother, lived with his mum in dubai
(yeah, dubai) why dubai? i only know dubai cause of my course studies. i thought it has only shippy dark skinned sea farers? better do some research on dubai! =X

otoko no kodate - a father that left home 6yrs ago. came back unexpectedly; learnt to live with his 3 children (the 2 younger ones are really cute!!) he then came back and taught them ways that don't really look like teaching them about life, but he has his meaning behind his support towards his actions. the ending reason of him leaving initially was very lame. but the part when his eldest daughter said what she wanted for x'mas present was touchy as well!

it was a really emo day. cause i watched 2 last eps of dramas today. lol! emo, but i enjoyed the stories!

i heard that nottie's coming back to sing hoshi with uchi. well, im quite happy for the fact that i can see him perform. but there're sayings that shows some fans do not think he should sing hoshi cause NewS (as in the 6members one) worked hard to have hoshi released. well well, i feel that... NewS is still NewS. i feel that after kusano and nottie left. massu and yuya become more popular. mmhz, do you think so? well, just how i feel. no hard feelings or anything towards anyone. 

zel zel said that news and kattun fans are not in good terms over LJ. kinda scary, cause i din expect such stuffs to happen to johnnys' fans.. 

NewS performance in MS! OMG, i think yuya's hair is really cool. and k-chan really had his hair dyed black!! i've seen him in orange-y hair for the past 4~5yrs! the sudden change! well, i think it still looks good in him! 
i managed to find a kind person online that uploaded k-chan news with yuya as guest over the past 3 weeks! i din know that k-chan has an own radio program in japan till late last week! still struggling to understand the whole clip! thks a million for uplading the clip! the x'mas 1 seems very interesting. i listened to part of it before heading school this morning. boy oh boy! i wish k-chan and yuya called me!! 

i LOVE my orange hair!! 

caught up
been really caught up with stuffs these days!
school, home, sleep.
work, jap class, home, sleep
study, exams, e-learnings, rushing of projects, sleep

drift is getting bigger and bigger~
everything's coming on me, pressure's coming.
can't really control it.
yr 3's in few mths time!!

went xiaozhu's autograph last friday cause no one accompanied xinhui. ; why did i go? i still don't get it!! influence i guess.. ...
well well, was quite an unexpected happening for me.
that O.O he gave when 3 fans were ahead of me, 
that O.O he gave when signing for the 2nd fan ahead of me,
and that O.O he gave when he was signing my copy of album
i seriously don't know how to react; so i gave him a really foolish wave. how idiotic of me!
and said '期待你和吳尊的下當戲' which i don't think he heard.

anyway, i really hope to see FLH in person real SOON! (a big woo ha! i've completed watching xfamily. and i'm so happy! cause there was a scene with all 4 of them! its rare to see all 4 in a drama you know!!)
their 2nd album's preparation seem to be completed; and i've seen bfb webbie that they're gonna be the guest sometime near this week. 
aarron: can't wait to see him in ISWAK 2
jiro: he's filming the 'fried rice' drama
calvin: he's god-charming in princess!!
chun: my dad actually claimed that he's good looking! cum' on! don't forget jiro, calvin and aaron yeah?!
how can i not continue supporting them when they're working so hard?! move on together! ^.^

~completed 終極一家 (THUMBS UP FOR THE 55 EPS!)
~公主小妹 4
~abarenbo mama ep 9 ( 1 more to go)
~SP ep 7
~i tried to start watching haunted samurai, but my show times are at night. and i don't wanna have insomnia
~ I have no time to start ISWAK 2, it has aaron in it! ^.^ i love his singing voice!! =)

JLPT4 の試験も終わた
でもJLPT3 の試験.... がんばりましょ!!

どして?.... .... わからない

まね~  なみも言わない....


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